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Animating again.

2009-04-11 14:26:49 by SkatingJessy

Hi Newgrounds,
As you can see I still don't have any animations yet. But I'm working on that, there will be a skate animation soon. This time it's gonna be my own creation. He's called: Chris Dullen.
Chris Dullen is a stickman but with some epic shoes. I'm trying to make the animation as realistic as posible. With the animation I get some tips from my mate SkatingRobert and from the guys from the SkateFlashClub. Some of you might know that I had one skate animation on this account. But I removed it because it was too ugly.
I'm also trying to make some good graffiti's for the art portal. I'll scan some of my graffiti's to share them with you guys. I really hope you guys like them.

Animating again.


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